“Thank you so much for my Style Book - I LOVE it!!!
I can tell how much work you've put into it and it’s given me some great ideas. I love that you've given me lots of different options for all my items..brilliant...and the various added extras and where to buy - I especially love that, saves me scrolling through The Iconic to find things!”
Joanna, mum of 3
"Shopping for a size 14 is sometimes not that fun. Penny is practical but sensitive, and has a real eye for colour, silhouette, and contour. Penny’s energetic and generous personality is addictive and fun. She was dedicated to helping me find some simple updates and looks to my wardrobe.
Something we discussed was that it’s still absolutely possible to feel sophisticated, sassy and youthful with just making certain tweaks to a look; for example the use of belts, or trying a different cut of jeans. Penny also has a keen eye for fashion without expense, or finding clever ways to mix high end with high street fashion. If you’re looking for a way to feel truly lifted and reinvigorated in yourself, trust me, a it’s a real boost and an act of self care"
Mel, mum of 1
“Soooo fun! You’re my wardrobe angel! You’ve helped me so much already.. It’s the push we all need - you're like a wardrobe boot camp coach! Get in, get it done, and move on with life!”
After my wardrobe was re-organised and de-cluttered, I'm now more aware of what I'm choosing to wear each day and how I wear it. I constantly have Penny in my head!!Above all, she's given me that extra confidence at putting my outfits together. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a fashion re-style, de-clutter, clean out, re-sale of un-used items, whatever it may be Penny will have you sorted! And she's so much fun!! "
Danielle, mum of 4
“Wardrobe genie - thanks sooo much for an awesome 3hrs in my wardrobe! You’ve done such an amazing job! I feel so good for it - your wonder woman getting to everyone on time!”
Karina, mum of 2
“You are great! Very relatable and mix up bargain buys with investment pieces. So many people I follow only feature clothes that I can’t afford, so I love how you make it all very ‘do-able’”
Tenille, mum of 2